Disability Access Service Card

Can you use a touring plan and the Disability Access Service Card? Or do you think using a touring plan would negate the need for the Disability Access Service Card? I have a brother who is autistic and has a hard time waiting in line with other people. We used to get the guest assistance card for him, allowing us to minimize our wait in line, but we haven’t been there with him since they started the new system. I used a touring plan for my own family last year and loved it, but am now wondering if I should use a plan when we go with my brother this year or just rely on the Disability Access Service Card.

I would use both if I was planning a trip with my daughter who also has autism and is low functioning. The TP will help you know when ride lines will be shortest and you can use the DAS for re-rides or times when waits will be longer.

I am wondering what things I should use FPP for if we will be using the DAS card with our two boys in November. I’m thinking in MK, I should FPP 7DMT, A&E, and Mickey?

If there are attractions you may want to do twice I would use FPP for those first. I’be never heard of Mickey running out. If there ia nothing you would want to double up on, maybe a parade or fireworks viewing for that one instead.

I think that you may need to play it by ear just a bit. I found that some of my FP returns were much quicker than others - for example, Toy Story at DHS was a very long FP return time - probably 20 minutes. So just be aware that it can vary a bit even with FP. Mostly it’s about 5-10 minutes in the FP line.

So, do you mean that it was a 20 minute return time with the DAS card on TSMM?

No, I meant that the Fast Pass line was 20 minutes, so the FP might not be the best option for a ride like that. Unfortunately, FP line times are not posted, so you may need to check with a CM to see if they can give you an expected wait time before you get in line.

Oh wow - so do you think in that case the DAS would be better for that? Like basically, you could get in the FP line with your DAS return time during a non FP return time?

I have never used the DAS card, but my understanding is that you get a specific time to come back and do not wait in line at all (you might have to wait for a short time to board the ride, though). Compared to a FP line that might be 20 minutes for some of the more popular and slower loading attractions, the DAS card might be far easier for a family member who does not do well in lines. Those more familiar with the DAS card system, please correct me if I am wrong.

Okay, thanks. So much has changed since we were there last May, and even though I’ve spent so much time on Lines watching everyone talk about it, I think we just won’t totally get it till we get there and do it. LOL

Hiya. I found it was a let down for myself and my daughter. Unlike fast pass you couldnt add yourself online, you had to walk to the attraction, register, then get a return time, usually a long time away. In practice we found we couldnt make it back in the allotted time making it a waste of time having it. Also, every time we turned up at a ride the system for it was down so you had to spend 5 minutes with the staff trying to get it working only to be told your time to come back rather than it be registered so if it was different staff you to explain all over again. Also when we registered my wife and son to the system it hadnt worked so we had to traipse back to the entrance to get them added again. Sorry disney but it didnt work for us at all. Felt a bit let down. This is coming from someone who has praised everything about them for years.

Regardless of the return time, you will be behind others in the line who are using FFP or a DAS. The DAS does not skip you ahead of those folks