Disability Access card? Helpful?

How helpful are these cards for the rides that really need FP like FEA, FOP, 7DMT, etc. what about the other rides. Thanks for any info


I find them to useful. This is only one ride, at a time. But for me, sitting down and have a ice cream, and having to go write in is very useful.


You can have fast passes as well as set a DAS return time. We were able to schedule a couple DAS times in between our FPP times. Grandma didn’t go on all of the rides with us but the card helped because waiting in line with her was not always an option. We only used it when we needed it, but given her post stroke issues it was well worth it.

We used it on 7DMT and it was well worth it. We had maybe a 5 min. wait in line versus an hour plus wait. Like others have said, you can use it in conjunction with FP’s. For the hard to get FP’s, I suggest getting a DAS return time as soon as you get into the park for the ride you don’t have an FP for. Then you can ride others while waiting for your return time or you can rest, eat, etc. The nice thing about a DAS return time is that it doesn’t expire within an hour. If you get a return time for 5 pm, but you don’t get back to the ride until 7 pm you can still use the return time. We got our return time for 7DMT before our dinner reservation and then went to dinner. Even though it had been an hour plus since our return time, we walked right into the FP line.

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