Direct park to park transportation?

Looking for confirmation–are the following the only direct routes park to park using Disney transportation?
MK & Epcot via monorail
HS & Epcot via boats

Are there any bus routes direct from one park to another?

There should be direct park-to-park bus transportation too.

There are park to park busses available at all parks. AK to HS, EP to AK etc. it’s great for hopping in the evening for fireworks etc.

Is this fairly new in the last year that there is park-to-park bus service? I have been a little MIA since our last trip in Nov and last I heard they were testing a few park to park busses. That is exciting news!

I know it was in place in February. I can’t remember if it was available in 2013. It makes getting around much easier.

That will make our future trips SO MUCH better!!!

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I’ve taken the bus between HS and EC in both directions a number of times, most often when leaving the Studios. If I see a boat just leaving or a long line for one, I’ll often veer off toward the bus stop and the Epcot bus is one of the first you see.

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Is this still the case? Busses go from one park to another?

They did in April.

Park to park buses were running on August - really help if you are park hopping

Definitely can from animal kingdom, I looked today. I would assume the others still do too

Great news. Thank you for responding. It’s been a while since we’ve hopped. :smile: