Dinosaur Refurbishment

I’m wondering if the refurbishment taking place on Dinosaur has been extended… we just got a notification that our Fastpass reservation for November 9th was replaced with Primeval Whirl. Has anyone else discovered this? I’m really shocked because this would move the refurb (which was already pushed back once) another month!

Oh, I hope not. I don’t have a fastpass for it, but was rope dropping it in a few weeks.

i just found an article from WDWNT.com that says it indeed seems to have been pushed back. Anyone with fast passes within the next 30 days, has had them switched. Really really disappointing. Still nothing solid on RoL and no Dinosaur - we’ll probably be skipping this park now. It’s just not worth spending the money for a full day at a park that I consider a 4 hour park at best. I’m really disappointed in Disney right now

Was going to be the first time on Dinosaur for my two boys. Animal Kingdom is my favorite park, but I definitely won’t be spending as much time there on this trip. Especially if there is no RoL. Looks like I may have to rework that TP now

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We also had our fast pass reservation switched from dinosaur to primeval whirl on November 17th. :pensive:

Our fpp was cancelled and we were reassigned to Primeval Whirl as well. Such a bummer!

During my trip originally only BTMRR was supposed to be closed. Last month they took away RnR. And now this. Very very upset.

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They changed our FP+ as well but I didn’t know why (had been completely oblivious to the fact that the ride was being refurbished) so I called Disney to ask. When I (very politely) complained (said this was a big disappointment for DS), they offered me “free” fast passes. Gratefully I accepted, but to be honest I don’t know what that means. Are they extra fast passes subject to availability or are they (as DH put it) golden tickets good for any ride, any time?

This is odd. TP, WDWMagic, and Allears all list it reopening on Oct 17th. MDE says nothing other than it’s closed for refurb, with no reopening date listed. If the refurb has been extended, then it’s a very recent (and very secret) development…

Ah ha. My “sources” have told me that the refurb has been extended to Nov 20th. Apparently all of the physical work is done, but when they booted up the computer system, the software update crashed (imagine a Disney IT product crashing). CMs are being told to say nothing more than “late Fall”.

My 11/20 FPP is still there… for now.

Lol - Nice. They switched my 10am Dinosaur with an 11:20 am Primevil Whirl. That’s special. Totally won’t work at ALL.

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I really want to call Disney and let them know how upset I am with their unorganized refurbishment schedule. I understand that this needs to happen for rides to work…but for three major attractions to now be closed during my trip when it was supposed to only be one is ridiculous. My whole family has not been to Disney together in 12 years. If I would have known this in advance I would not have had our vacation at that time.

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I’m with you, but, I’m almost “over it.” I was pretty happy to see that Dinosaur would be up and running when I was looking at fastpasses. I did read somewhere that a possible trade off for the lower crowds is attraction refurbishments that Disney does in the off season.
You’ll still have fun!