Dinosaur Refurb extended?

We will be at WDW from Nov. 9 thru Nov. 18, 2016.

I had already set up all my FP+ times a few weeks ago, and just got a notice yesterday that my Dinosaur FP+ for 11/12 was automatically changed to Primeval Whirl. Sure enough, I can’t make any FP+ for Dinosaur for the whole time of the trip.

Dinosaur is shown to be on Refurb until 10/17, but I suspect that this means the refurb has been extended (again.)

Anyone have any other insight into this?

There’s another thread that may be useful:

Overall it seems much the same story as you though - Refurb extended, FP+ changed to Primeval Whirl…

Kenny the Pirate posted something that said all Dinosaur FPP had been changed through 11/20/16.

Yep, extended to the 20th.

yes we has fps for the 19th and was notified