Dinning Reservations Down? 7-8-2021

Can’t get anything to load or work, except for error messages…those are loading all morning long!

The POR/POFQ fans have probable crashed the website. :rofl::rofl::rofl:



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I just tried. I got a message saying it isn’t working, but was still able to go all the through the process. I didn’t actually hit Book Now, however, so perhaps that last step may have failed. I was using the app, not the website.

Even having trouble on the DVC site

Just did the same thing and it did load…hopefully it will stick!!!

Use the APP people!!!

The only issue there is that things like CRT are not going to show on the app ever. (Also dining packages whenever those reappear.)

As others have said, new resort booking has probably hobbled the system.


Was able to book everything we needed! Very thankful!