Dinning Plan Calculator

Ok I am sorry if this topic is easy to find someplace however I have been planning and staring at the computer screen for hours please help me out and post a link to where it configures what meals to use the dining plan for and which to pay out of pocket …This exists right?! I know Iv’e seen it and I didn’t dream it just can’t find it! lol

Lots of calculators!


Here’s another:



Directions to find the TP tool:

Happy planning!


THANK YOU and my eye thank you too!!

Ok this are more of is the dinning plan worth it- There calculator out there that you put in the restaurants your eating at and if you have more reservations then credits I will tell you which one to use your credits for and which ones to pay out of pocket…I have seen it I just can’t find it again!

Look at the middle one, if you use it, then go to details

It might help

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Finally, this might be what you are looking for:


This one was it!!! Thank you again for posting this!