Dinner Theatre - Pirates or Medieval?

I’m considering adding an evening off-property fir the first time this year!

Eating at Medieval Times has been a dream since I first saw it on a school trip to WDW in1988.

However, I have heard fun things at the Pirates Dinner Adventure.

Has anyone done either? I only care about the show. I’m understand that the food at dinner shows, having been to a few others, is typically mediocre. Feel free to add your food reviews, if it was unbelievably good or bad though!


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We did this with our older girls years ago (although not in WDW). They loved it and still ask to go back. I enjoyed it, the food was fine, and I think we’ll probably return. DH thought it was too expensive. To be fair, he thinks all things travel are too expensive (and isn’t necessarily wrong, although that doesn’t usually deter me).

I was that DH for many, many years!! I’ve come around, but it took a long time. I think what helps is that I’m doing the things “I” want to do and not trying to juggle everyone’s desires.

I may be leaning more towards Pirates as the MT show is at 5pm and the Pirates is at 7:30pm. It gives me more time in the parks and less rushing around.

Plus, I’m pretty allergic to all animal hair / dander. (It won’t kill me, It just makes me miserable.) The horses used at MT would be awesome, but I know I’d have to take a long hot decontamination shower back at the hotel and might still be itchy / “sick”

This is all impulse right now, but in my newfound spirit of YOLO I’m probably gonna go. I can’t keep waiting & hoping my family will want to do these things one day!

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We have done both.

MT in two different cities (neither of them Orlando) was decent.

We did the Pirate dinner in Orlando and our kids really enjoyed it because they got to be part of the show.

The last time we were there in 2018 we did a Titanic Dinner Experience at the Titanic Museum that was really fun.

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Ok…so…if you really had to pick just one, based on performance only, which would you recommend?

The best one we did was the Titanic one. Totally interactive, you get a boarding card and play a character. Super fun and the dinner was pretty good. Second choice would be the Pirates.

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Thanks! I understand the interest in Titanic, but it’s not for me. It’s too tragic. All those people died that night. (For me, it would be like dining at a Hawaiian luau themed to Pearl Harbor or something!)

Thanks for the input!!!


No worries. It did definitely have some heavy moments but overall was quite enjoyable.

Have you settled on the Pirate dinner then?

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Yes. I haven’t bought my package yet as I have two “flex” days on my trip. I love Volcano Bay, even in February. So, the first day on my trip that it’s clear skies I’m going to go to VB in the day and Pirates that night.

I’ll have to wait and check out the 10 day forecast before I leave.


Another reason to do the Pirate show over MT. MT is all over the place. I think the Pirate show is just Orlando.

There’s one in Anaheim by Disneyland too. They are owned by the same people as MT. (I discovered this recently when looking into reservations)

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