Dinner Reservation on night of MVMCP

I have a 5:50pm dinner reservation at BOG on the night of MVMCP. We may go back to the hotel to get changed and then head back to the party for the reservation. I think I remember the party starts at 7pm and you just have to be checked in before the party starts. If we head back by 5:15pm, we shouldn’t have a problem, right?

You shouldn’t have any trouble. The party starts at 7pm, but you can enter MK as early as 4 pm and receive your wristband.

Thanks. We don’t have tickets to MVMCP. I’m wondering if that will be an issue.

As long as you booked it through the “normal” dining page, not the party dining page, you will be fine.

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Oh, I totally missed that. Oops.

No worries! Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I did. :slight_smile: