Dinner @ or around MK


I feel like I had this problem last time I planned. Family friendly dinner either in MK or at an MK resort. TS or relaxed QS - either is fine. No fine dining as we are doing our big fancy meal the following day.


There are so many in the MK area, all good. You can check the menus on this site, but for TS I recommend taking a resort launch to Ft Wilderness for Trails End.


What’s your personal experience with Trails End? I’ve been round and round the research and menus for the area. Hoping to get some personal outlook. Most of the MK area spots seem to have mixed reviews. We did Citrico’s last time we were there, but do t want to go that pricey. I’ve done Kona for breakfast, but not sure about dinner there. I’ve seen favorable reviews of Trails End. Is it a pretty relaxing buffet or is it a bit hectic?


We love Whispering Canyon and I think the menu lends itself well to non-fancy, yet tasty dining. The other favorites for us are 'Ohana dinner and Liberty Tree Tavern.


Skipper Canteen, Ohana, Grand Floridian Cafe, The Wave–all super easy and low key IMO.


We liked skippers a lot. and very convenient since right in the park. Haven’t been to Plaza or Wave yet, but on our list - hearing good reviews of both of those.


We’ve been to Trail’s End twice. It was very uncrowded both times. It is my husband’s favorite, and we had great service both times. We found it to be as relaxing as a buffet can be. The boat ride from the MK was nice.


Thank you all for the suggestions. I think I’m going to give the crew an option at each location. Anyone been to Geyser Point Bar & Grill? Was looking at it as an option at WL. We’re going in mid Jan. Too risky for weather?


I’ve been intrigued by the Plaza but didn’t hear a great review. Glad to know you heard one.


We had a sub-par experience at the Plaza in June. I can’t ever see us returning.


We stayed at WL one January. We hit a cold snap while there, was in the 40s yow. So I’d say Geyser Point could be chilly, not sure if they cover it up in winter, or do they close it if temperature dips? That said, Orlando can have really warm spells in January too, where once my kiddos actually went to the pool. So I guess you could keep Geyser in mind, and play it by ear.


Aside from the possible weather issue - how was your experience at Geyser?


@cjandres- we’ve not been to Geyser yet, it’s one of the newest places at disney. But I’ve been hearing rave reviews from some longtimer Disney folks here, so definitely it’s also on our list.


I just saw a review from when it opened that they do have retractable walls! So I think this one will be my pick for a QS away from the park (family I think would like to see WL since it is a top pick for when we take my niece and do a bigger trip in 5 years). Think I’ll suggest Grand Floridian Cafe and Trails End as alternatives.


We’re doing Grand Flordian 1st time this trip b/c needed a midday brunch. They have a great menu for brk/lunch, same menu & hours which is great. And we needed seating for 18, a big fam reunion that day. Was one of the easier adrs to get for such a large group.


we loved the wave and kona cafe. You can get the bread pudding for ohana at Kona just have to ask