Dinner @ CR

I’m thinking of having dinner at the Contemporary Resort while at Magic Kingdom with my family. Unfortunately it’s not on the TouringPlan list for meals or attractions. :frowning:

Assuming I’m coming from say, the carrousel, how much time should I give to get there? And should I walk or take the monorail? And if I’m walking… how do I get there?

Thanks in advance!

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Walking is super easy from MK to the resort. As you come out of the gates, look left and there’ll be a brick walkway…follow the maroon brick road! And it’ll take you all the way to the over to the sidewalks of the contemporary and just stay on them until you pass the bus stop and then straight into the lobby. ETA from the carousel? I’d give yourself 20 minutes just to wade pass the crowds on main street. Once you’re out of the park, it’s like a 10 minute walk at a lesiurely pace.

You COULD monorail, and if that’s the case, just board at MK and then it’s the first stop.

My recommendation? If it’s sunny and nice: walk. It’s a really nice walk and honestly one of my favorite things about having the Contemporary so close to the park. Additionally, if the monorail isn’t there, it could easily take longer for you to get to the contemporary.

Where you thinking of eating at the Contemporary?


Was thinking the Contempo Café. We have enough time for either a table service in MK or counter service just outside, I’m thinking. And I don’t want to have to make reservations for a TS in the middle of the day just in case something goes sideways :slight_smile:

The contempo cafe is a solid choice. I fully recommend the chicken platter.

Though the only thing to consider is that it’s right next to chef mickey’s. Is your family going to be ok being that close and not getting in on it?

I hope so! We don’t have the time for a character meal!

I can’t comment on Contempo, but the walk is easy and takes about 10 min. If it’s raining I’d take the mono, but otherwise I’d walk.