Dinner choices for the Meat Sweats Family

Trying to narrow down dining options and all my sons (9,11) care about is steak. Like literally they want steak every night. Just call us the Meat Sweats Family. Anyway, I just can’t do it every night but I would like to have a few great steak places for them so they can get their meat sweats in adequately. What are your best steak choices?


Le Cellier is very good. Yachtsman gets high marks. I’ve heard positive reviews of the steak at Be Our Guest (dinner), Coral Reef and The Boathouse but I’ve also seen some so-so reviews. I think most places have at least one decent steak option on the menu - the New York Strip at Mama Melrose’s has been pretty solid in the past as well.

My guess is it shouldn’t be too hard to give them a decent steak option while still giving yourself some more options…

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Is there a limit on budget? There is no shortage of steak available at Disney. Is it just steak or do they just enjoy copious amounts of meat?

If they are just ravenous meat eaters some good choices are 'Ohana and Whispering Canyon. It’s all you care to eat meat fest.

Buffets are always a good choice for big meat eaters. But any deluxe dining restaurant will have excellent steaks available. And nearly all TS have some sort of steak on the menu.

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We have the dining plan so price isn’t really an issue. However, I have planned to use 2 credits for Le Cellier, so I prefer to use the rest of our credits on a one credit place. Ohana was on our list as well!

Your youngest son might have some issues given he’s only 9 and thus still on the kid’s meal plan as the steak options will be more limited. He’ll be able to get some form of meat of course, but it’s not going to be the same filet that his brother can order at Le Cellier. Checking Le Cellier - the only kid’s meal red meat option is “Grilled Sirloin”.

FWIW - you may want to consider going out of pocket at Le Cellier as the typical costs don’t quite add up to the 2 Credit price tag. That would also allow DS9 to order a Filet, but that of course is a $52 hit so YMMV if you want him eating THAT well…

I’ll also add a plug for Biergarten as a buffet with copious amounts of meat options. Not necessarily steak but sausages, roast pork, etc. Biergarten will provide a lot of meat options and DS9 won’t be limited to kid’s choices…

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Yes this is a good point. I’ve heard of some people being able to upgrade the child to an adult on the dining plan and just paying the difference. I may look into that to see if it’s a possibility. He’s a skinny little fella, but he sure can put away the meat! :grinning: Thanks!

I second BG. The food was really good and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. Plus it’s the only place you can get a real liter of beer.

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Here’s an idea: if you’re not a big steak eater, then you could order a steak for your 9 yo and you eat what he orders off the kids menu? It’s just a thought. Even though I’m overweight (and people presume I eat a lot, wrongly), I often wish that I could order off the kids menu!

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Good thought! Thanks!