Dinner before the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

Hi. I have a couple of questions;
1 What time does the FEA dessert party start?
2 How do I book it? Will it be available in the reservation system 180 days out?
3 Would you recommend dinner beforehand at Epcot? If so what time? (We are on the dining plan, thinking TS.)

Thank you!

You book the party on this page:

I have found that it usually opens a few months at a time but usually 3-4 months early (although it may be as little as two months?).

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We did this dessert party in January and really enjoyed it. We ate at Ohana at 3:30 pm and it was really too much food. Even though we loved the party we could have probably enjoyed it even more if we weren’t soooo full already. I’d recommend not eating dinner but maybe a TS lunch.


I agree with @Palmatier. The dessert party can be a lot of food (and not just desserts). We usually make it our dinner.