Dinner at HS: Sci fi or 50s


Who’s going? :slight_smile:

Dd10 ds5 me and DH. Got sci fi at 4:00 and 50s at 6:30 and Osborne lights to be seen.

I can’t compare because we have not been to 50s but we had a great time at Sci-Fi. It was the only restaurant that all of my kids insisted upon going to again. If I were you though, I’d likely base my decision upon which time was most preferable to me considering that Osborne Lights were a priority.

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I would pick Sci-Fi. I didn’t love the food at 50s. If you do go to 50s, be aware the portions are huge. Adults can share a meal.

Have never been to 50’s PT, but my family loves Sci Fi!

Have only eaten at 50s, but it was excellent, and a lot of fun. The fried chicken was excellent - even by “Southern standards” :smile:

Another vote for Sci-Fi. We have eaten there the last 3 trips and will again on the next. My kids love it. The adults love that it is dark, cool, and quiet as everyone is watching the silly movie clips. We eat lunch there, it’s a great break from the parks.

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