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Hi Touring Plans Family! I’m putting some finishing touches on our touring plans for our trip in 9 days. 9 DAYS! And, of course, I’m questioning everything. I was hoping to get some advice from y’all about where to do dinner on our third night. We will be in Epcot from rope drop (9:00am) through about 4:00pm. Originally we were going to do Biergarten at 8:10pm, but that has been moved to a different day. Now I’m trying to decide which other restaurant to look at. I have a 7:40pm reservation at The Wave and, while the food sounds great, I know the ambiance is pretty sterile. For those of you who have eaten at The Wave, what are you thoughts on the food and environment? Another option would be to go to Disney Springs, but I’m worried we will be worn out by the end of the 3rd day. Disney Springs (We have never been!) seems like a place where you would want to spend a bit of time and requires a lot of walking. I know many Liners love Raglan Road, and I can get an 8:30pm reservation there, but I don’t want us to be too wiped out to enjoy it. Thoughts?

As always, I so appreciate your thoughts and help!

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Don’t forget that you can book a reservation at Raglan Road through Opentable. They may have some different availability. You could look there first. Also, a reservation with Opentable does not carry a cancellation penalty… as a bonus!


Personally, I think RDing EPCOT and going all day, and then not having dinner until 8ish sounds like a recipe for exhaustion. Don’t underestimate how much walking you do at EPCOT. It’s so spread out. Thinking about being there all day and then having to navigate Disney Springs makes my feet hurt. By 5 or 6 at EPCOT, I just want to collapse into the nearest chair and have someone bring food to me.

There are SO many great places to eat in Epcot. Why not just stay there after 4pm and grab dinner there? I recommend Teppan Edo, Nine Dragons, San Angel Inn Restaurante


This is my exact worry as well! We always do a break in the early-to-mid afternoon. Because of our touring plan, I don’t think we will get out of Epcot until almost 4pm. We are staying at Beach Club and will walk back over for a few hours of downtime and then head to dinner. I’m double-guessing myself that we will actually want to catch the bus and brave Disney Springs for dinner. I may have to re-evaluate our Epcot day so that we leave a bit earlier.

If you are staying at beach club then I would just do the short walk back to epcot world showcase for dinner myself

It’s so easy

Or else do boardwalk?

Another short walk away

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I sure wouldn’t trek all the way to the Contemporary from the Beach Club to eat at The Wave. Are you trying to use 1 TS credit on the dining plan or are you paying OOP? I’d just eat somewhere on the Boardwalk and enjoy the ambiance over there for an evening. You can do a backup reservation at Raglan Road on OpenTable. There’s also some good restaurants over at the Swan/Dolphin … although I’ve yet to find the time to eat at one.