Dining with picky eaters!

We are taking our first ever trip to WDW 04/30/16-05/07/16 and it will be myself, my husband, and our 8 year old son. We purchased the quick-service dining plan (2 counter service meals/day plus 1 snack) - however, my husband and my son are the pickiest eaters ever and will probably only eat pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and burgers while we’re there. I would like to try a wider variety of foods but I’m wondering if that will be realistic? We bought a dining plan when we visited Six Flags and we were usually able to each go get what we wanted and then find a table elsewhere to eat together or I would just bring my food to wherever they were eating. Can we do this at WDW? TIA! :smile:

I think you will find that most counter service restaurants have a variety of foods. The food courts will have burgers and pizza (get flat breads or go to Disney Springs and get pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express) as well as salads and most have dinners as well. Have you looked at the menus on the touring plans app?

I have looked at the menus and I noticed there is a lot of options. I should have been more specific - I am not overly concerned about not having enough variety of choices so much as I think I would like to try places like, say, Harambe Market, Katsura Grill, or La Cantina de San Angel, but I know DS and DH wouldn’t want to eat there. I’m not sure what the eating areas are like or if it’s “allowed” to bring food from one eatery to another, let alone what the walking distance between different restaurants is, so I was just wondering if it would be feasible to go to different places to eat or not. If not it’s no big deal - it’s not like I’m going to Disney for the food lol! I just figured it couldn’t hurt to ask since I currently have us all eating together on our TPs and would look into updating if I could be a little more adventurous without having to eat by myself.

We ARE going to Disney for the food on this trip! You’re going at a good time if you’ll be in Epcot. Let DH and DS get their burgers from America in the world showcase, and you can same interesting things from some of the food booths set up for the Flower and Garden Festival! To answer your question, yes, you can take meals from any counter service and eat them at the tables from other counter service restaurants. Table service restaurants would make this trickier. I highly recommend a meal at Sunshine Seasons in the Land (Epcot), there are a ton of options, something different for you, and the old favorites for the boys, and then one checkout for all and one big area of tables. Everyone will be happy.

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You will find between the distance and the crowd of waiting for food that you will perfer to all eat at thr same place.

For the most variety at one place i woulf suggest the following:
Cosmic rays at magic kingdom
Sunshine seasons at epcot
Try a cluple of the food corts at resorts like the mara at all
Do seatch the menus and figure out the best places


Thanks so much, your information is very helpful! We do plan on visiting each of the parks and we’ll more than likely only be doing counter service meals so that we don’t have to make advance reservations (and also to save some $$$). I plan on following the TPs for rides and shows but I wanted to have a little more flexibility for meals. We don’t have a whole lot of “ethnic” foods close to where we live (and it’s hard to find places that will deliver for just 1 person) so it will be nice to be able to try new things!

You can get food from different places, you just may have a walk. Eg in AK I queued for yak and yeti for husband and me, husband took son to restaurantosaurus for a burger and I met them there. It was a bit of za walk though.

It is completely “allowable” to bring food from one CS to a table at a different CS (or someplace else entirely) to eat. In EP, if you choose neighboring countries it wouldn’t be too difficult. But one person wants tacos from Mexico and another wants a hamburger from America, the logistics would be difficult.

I have never had a problem bringing food from one resort restaurant to another. We have a picky eater too, and I always buy his food and then bring it with me to the restaurant we are eating at. No one have ever made an issue over it.