Dining v. Park Pass question

For our September trip, there is a chance my sister might join us for a few days. She won’t know until closer to the date so just to be safe I made her park pass reservations and dining reservations.

If she ends up not being able to come on the trip I was going to cancel her park pass to open it up for someone else. But I assume at that point it will be difficult (and kind of pointless) to change our dining reservations from 4 to 3. We would be using the same size table either way. But would her not having a park pass mess up the dining reservations I already have booked? I assume the two systems don’t actually talk to each other but does anyone have a better idea? Thanks!

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Park pass and dining reservations do not talk to each other. With dining, as long as 1 person shows up, you are good. No need to change the reservation from 4 to 3.


Shouldn’t be a problem at all. As long as at least one person shows up for the reservation, they won’t care.

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