Dining things and other stuff

Does anyone know if at 60 days we can now call to book dining? Or has that been quashed now that there is the park reservation/ticket clusterfu$k happening. Obviously I’m going to give it a few days, but just curious if anyone is in that window and has called.

Transportation: i’m getting mixed info for the skyliner. anyone have the details?

Sorry, I was just posting the dining question in another post while you were posting this!

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Wondering about this too!

Dining reservations at 60 days for DS opened up a few weeks ago. Some resort locations are starting to become available as well. Just keep checking in MDE through the website, not the app.

Skyliner should be open.

I was also just told the skyliner will be running.


I hope you guys are right. Then again I trust you liners more than those "facebook people " :crazy_face:


Rightly so!

All 3 skyliner routes have been seen being tested this week, if that helps.

That’s something I wondered…all three, or just the two park lines. Good to know it is all three.

With POP, AoA, CBR and Riviera all opening this year to me its a no brainer that Disney plans to open the skyliner.

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