Dining Solo - Reservations?

I’m planing a trip to WDW this fall (9/12-9/19), traveling solo and going to be on the Deluxe Dining plan. As a solo traveler, is it going to be easier or harder to get a seat at signature dinning locations. Do I need to book ADRs (if I can get them), or with being a solo diner will it be easy for me to walk in, or have bar setting for my meal?

Thanks for all the help in advance

I think you’ll be able to make ADRs fairly easily. Going solo is a definite advantage at the places with bar seating. I’m thinking about Cali Grill specifically. It also means that you only have to cater to your own wishes with regard to times and venues. That’ll be nice.

If there is anywhere in particular you really want to dine at, make the ADR. The flexibility of being on your own will allow you make changes on the fly if you like.

Since you are going with the deluxe plan I would make ADRs. I do find signature restaurants can be easier to book but when I have booked deluxe in the past I have done a combo of breakfast and then signature dinner. I do find I have to put a good amount of time between the dinner/breakfast to enjoy the breakfast. If you have trouble booking a table for one, book for two and then only you have to show up. It is the same size table.

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I definitely recommend ADRs. It will be easier to get them for 1 than for say 5 or 6, but I wouldn’t plan on getting walk-ups at the signatures (or any TSs, really). I’ve been lucky a few times at VN and R&C, but have been turned away at more than that. I typically always book for 2; I don’t think it makes much of a difference as far as getting them, but it’s really nice to have the option of being able to ask someone to join you for a dinner.

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Thanks for all the replies, and advice. Going to start making ADRs to the places I know I want to try. And I like the idea of getting a table for two, in the chance I meet some other solo travelers that would like to join, I think that would be awesome. ThaNKS for all the help!!