Dining Reviews 2024 Trip

Hello! I wanted to document our meals during our most recent trip! Going into the week, I had decided to not over-schedule too much and I ended up leaving more room for flexibility. This is me telling my future self to always have a dining spot in mind for each meal. :joy: Our planned meals were significantly better and we were stressed when we didn’t know exactly where we were eating. We ate breakfast at the hotel every day and also ordered delivery pizza once, so there are definitely some meals skipped here.

At HS, we really just had Docking Bay 7. 1/3 kids liked the chicken and broccoli meal but my husband and I really liked the ribs! We got in and out super fast with mobile order.

At MK, we LOVED the meal at Liberty Tree Tavern. I will for sure be going back, as all 5 of us got in a full meal and left so happy. I highly recommend and do think it is a good value for all the food you get. We will make this a staple in future visits!

Pecos Bills was a fine last minute stop in. Nothing groundbreaking but we were able to get it immediately and eat in a cool and quiet space.

Via Napoli in Epcot is a usual fave. Again this was a meal that all 5 of us enjoyed! We all had various pizzas.

We did back-to-back lunch stops at Satuli Canteen and Flametree BBQ. The combo of getting both meant everyone got something they wanted and my husband and I got to eat both! It was our only meal at AK so we didn’t want to sacrifice not getting one. I love the SC chicken bowls and FT has so much to offer too. Again, mobile order FTW! You are crazy not to.

We ate at Trattoria Al Forno and this was another favorite. All 5 of us ate very well and were happy. I loved the lasagna and my husband got chicken parm. The kids got buttered noodles with chicken/steak. We will go back if we stay close!

We stayed at the Reserve and had great meals at Amare and Tangerine! If you like Mediterranean, and are close, this is a good pick. We stopped into the burger place at Dolphin and had no complaints - standard burger food and no wait for a table.

Again, notes for my future self. I had decided no character meals as my kids said that they weren’t interested. I wish I would’ve scheduled some anyway. It’s such a time saver when you can meet a bunch at once and we ended up really eating our best during table service meals. The kids were more interested in characters the second half of the trip and it would’ve made for some cute moments.

A lot of our bucket list snacks didn’t end up even working out! I’m still glad we got in some good meals and added new restaurants to our roster. This trip, I only had 3 ADRs planned, but I see daily ADRs in my future trips!