Dining Reservations vs FP for WOC & PTN

Hi! My family and I are WDW regulars but going to Disneyland Resort for the first time this July. We are looking forward to seeing WOC and PTN and want to get the best seats we can, without camping out for half the day since we will only be in the parks for 3 days. (Don’t mind showing up 30-45 min early, just don’t have 3hrs to sit on the sidewalk!) What’s the best way to go–FP or Dining packages? Any advice for either show or both would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

For PtN I would definitely consider the dining package of you dint want to wait an hour +. I don’t personally think it’s necessary for WoC though if your willing to wait 30 minutes or so. We don’t like to be in the center section though. Our favorite spot is in the “blue” zone on the bridge. You are to the left of the show, but can see everything perfectly. We like the fact that it only is 2-3 rows deep, and we are always at the railing so no issues with anybody in front of you. Easy to get out and use the restroom, grab a drink, snack, ect. Our girls are older, so we let them go ride Little Mermaid or Goofy’s Sky School while we are waiting. If I knew how to post a picture :blush:, I’d even show you the exact spot we like.

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I could have written the same response as @kjwith24. Go for a blue FP on the bridge about 1/2 to 2/3 the way up towards Ariel’s Grotto. Best view of all the sections in my opinion.


For PTN dining packages to get the primo seats you still have to show up 60-45 minutes early so consider that in the dollars/time investment ratio. If you are already thinking of dining at Blue Bayou and don’t mind either showing up a little bit earlier than your 30 min OR are ok with standing in the section & not being front row, then it will be a great option to see PTN. Also, if there are 2 PTNs scheduled for your dates and it is feasible for your group to stay for the later showing I always recommend using the first PTN parade to get other things done or position yourself for FWs viewing without having to camp out for 3-4 hrs & then find a decent spot 20-30 min before the 2nd run. Sometimes even less than that. The second PTN has been going at 10pm recently but we’ve seen it run as late as 11pm.

As for WOC FP the blue section exaclty like stated above! You can’t go wrong at any railing but the bridge is definitely the best railing. If you don’t make it in time to get a great view on the bridge, the back of the blue section is nice to be able to see the full effects of the screens. As long as you are on a railing the view will be great!

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@lolabear_la, @kjwith24, @Wahoohokie Thanks so much for the advice! So this blue section for WoC…do you get to pick the color of the section when you are picking the FP in the morning?

Blue is distributed first and then lately they have been rotating between yellow and blue a little bit after that. If we don’t go first thing, I always ask very nicely what section is being distributed & if they say yellow I ask even more nicely if any blues will be distributed later on. Some CMs can be coy about it and withhold information; however, I have found that if you approach the CM when you are the only guest in earshot your chances of getting information or even straight up being handed blue FPs if yellow is currently being distributed are much higher than if you ask when a larger audience is surrounding the CM. I think Disney very much wants to (and needs to for crowd distribution) to allow for there to be some uneducated park goers to be the filler for the less desirable spots in WOC.