Dining Reservations/ Park Plans So Far

I’m new to Universal, so I wanted to run what I have so far by people who are more experienced. Please feel free to suggest any changes you think we should make.

Dates: July 3-7
2 adults, 2 kids- 11yr & 12yr (we are all thrill junkies and ride everything, daughter is a huge HP fan)
Flying into MCO at 9:50am on the 3rd
PBR July 3
CBBR July 4-7
4 day 3 park, park to park tickets

7/3 & 7/4 Use EP & touring plan in USF & IoA
7/5 VB
7/6 USF & IoA (ride favorites again)

7/3 Reservations @ Mama Della’s 5:30pm (I figured we’d be hungry & the hotel room will be ready)
7/4 Reservations @ Toothsome 2:30pm (get appetizers and desserts then transfer to CBBR)
7/6 Reservations @ Mythos 1pm


Looks like a great overall plan!

I’ll note, make sure you are familiar with how early you are able to enter the parks (rope drop), and that you are familiar with the locker system/bags especially since it is different attraction to attraction. I was not prepared like I should have been with the lockers prior to my first visit.

Besides Toothsome’s, we make sure to visit Bubba Gump’s every time. And of course Three Broomsticks for the Fish n Chips.


That looks like a good plan. Mythos and Toothsome are the ones we do every time.

I love being at Cabana Bay when going to VB.

I would also recommend looking at the list of rides at VB, figuring out what will likely be your favorites, then studying the map and figuring out where you want your home base will be. For example, I am a pale redhead so shade is critical. We spend 90% of our time on the Kraka-whatever ride or the Fierce River. In front of the main entrance to the Fierce River are several square roofs just like the cabanas have with rows of free seats underneath. The Kraka-whatever ride is around the corner. If you look at the map you can see where the shade will be.


Yes, this is a must! I kept a printed one with my towel too. (Especially if your phone is in a locker)





In my head I always call it the “Rapid River”

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That works too!

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I like Fierce better LOL

In my family, Kraka-whatever is really called “Mommies ride” and the river is called “(DD’s name)'s River.” For the other stuff, we use the real names. Well except for one we call “The slide in the volcano where you free-fall and water gets shoved up your nose.” Everyone should do it once, and we’ve done our once.

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I would totally do Ko’okiri again. At least it’s quick. The Serpentine slide was a little more agonizing to me :joy:

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