Dining Reservations not working?

Is anyone else having problems with dining reservations this morning? I am having the worst luck getting anything good, much less it actually working.

It seems as if the Disney IT systems have not been working for a while now. I saw the same report on chat this morning.

I am having the same problem. I haven’t been able to get anything. I can’t even get to the point of getting a message saying there are no reservations available.
I get a message saying they are unable to check for tables.

I am assuming that means there is something going on with the system?

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Did you try both computer and app? I have found at least one seems to work when I am having trouble.

i’ve tried both. I can’t even get this far (above) on the app so I switched to my laptop and the website

That is frustrating! At least you know everyone else up at this time is not getting anything! Can you call instead?

That’s my next plan! We have a split reservation so today was just a test run. Our first night is a solo stay for myself and my fiancee before the rest of the crew join us. That ADR opens tomorrow so THAT is the real one that will require the most bookings. Glad I know what I am in for tomorrow! I may skip the 6am hour and plan to just start with the phone call!

Thankfully I only have a 5 minute wait via the phone but I have had the worst time getting a decent reservation this trip. Currently on day 10 out of 12 and have gotten one decent reservation.

Don’t waste your time calling. The entire system is down for “enhancements”. I was told to keep refreshing my browser.

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Are you kidding?? That is frustrating. I guess, at least, everyone else is in the same boat :frowning:
Thanks for the update

The system has been so bad recently.

Keep trying. And if all else fails, try the TP Res Finder


Poor form, Disney.

Oh! I am going to keep an eye on this. I have a friend going at the end of the month to beginning of July staying off site and sometimes this means there will be a FP drop.

Ain’t technology grand.

(Except when it ain’t?)

Glad to know it’s not just me!