Dining reservations not open inside 60-day window?

For the past week, we’ve been inside the 60-day window for dining reservations for my family’s trip in October, but there aren’t any available, even at 3am PT. Does anybody know why this could be? It’s like they went up to Oct 2 and stopped.

The only other time I’ve reserved anything at DL, it was a visit to Oga’s Cantina right after it opened, and everything went very smoothly, so I don’t know what’s going on. It’s going to be my son’s twelfth birthday on Oct 3, so I was trying to get a reservation at one of the restaurants where one can get a celebration cake. I did pay for MouseWatcher, just in case I was missing the releases, but haven’t heard a peep.

Even pre-pandemic, Disneyland wasn’t good about releasing reservations in a timely manner. In 2018 I waited ever so impatiently to book my birthday Fantasmic dining reservation. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Also even after they release, if you don’t end up with what you want, keep trying. Reservations can come up randomly.

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I am just entering my window and I noticed the same thing. Reservations stop Oct 2nd. I was thinking they might be dumping them a week at a time but honestly I’d just keep checking a couple of times a day. I too am trying to get Oga’s for some family friends coming with us (for me 10/11 or 10/12 so we’re not competing!) Best of luck!

Edit: Remember if you’re staying onsite they save some reservations just for hotel guests that you can only get by calling or in person.


What sorts of reservations would these be? Particular locations or generally speaking? Who would one call?

I just know in 2019 I couldn’t for the life of me get Plaza Inn character palooza (I mean I’ve never had a more average meal with soooo many characters as I have there every time). And why else would one eat somewhere? I honestly cannot remember for 100% but I believe it was the regular Disney dining line. It may have been here that I heard about calling and asking and lo and behold they had set aside plaza inn breakfast reservations for hotel guests and had some available (more than one dining time choices too). None of these were showing up online.

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So get this…unlike yesterday where it was just acting like there were no available times at all (not that they had times open but nothing was left if that makes sense) today it was showing operating hours but nothing is available. I am booking 60 days out for Storyteller’s Cafe and I can find nothing in all of my random day searches either. So I tried calling the dining phone number and was told they are unable to book reservations via phone and you had to do it online or with the app? What is that!!!

I did read on another site that they haven’t brought back the Cast Members who do phone bookings yet. Otherwise, I’d be calling, too!

Well I guess that means maybe no hotel reservations unless you have to book them in person with the hotel concierge.

I’m finding that the Disneyland App works better than the website FYI. Still very spotty and only a few restaurants showing availability far out but it’s much faster and shows stuff when the website does not for me.

Edit: However, I can click find a brunch on 10/9 and it won’t…then I’ll click find a lunch and it won’t and then I’ll click find a brunch again and one shows up…just one…Lamplight Lounge. So still spotty as all get out.

It’s almost as if their site and apps… heck all of their IT-based services… are glitchy



Noooooooo ha ha ha
It’s awful and I work in the tech industry so it’s killing me…I am a tester…maybe I should apply cuz I have found more bugs there than I do at my own company ha ha ha


I’ve been trying on the app, the desktop, different browsers, and still nothing. Tears out hair

My son is a huge Disneyland fan, and we planned this trip as a super-special surprise, after a pandemic year of being trapped up here in Seattle with all the schools closed. I know he will still love it, regardless, but the restaurant thing with a birthday cake would be amazing. I am hoping for Blue Bayou (!!!), but will settle for Cafe Orleans if we can’t get it.

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I really think this is on them and there are still reservations out there. I’d just keep trying. Best of luck! And let us know.


Cafe Orleans opened up at last! I was able to get lunch reservations for my son’s birthday with a celebration cake–so relieved. I’ll keep trying for the Blue Bayou and cancel this one if I can get it, but at least Monte Cristos are on the horizon!


Man this was so difficult…I had to break us up into 4 and 5 and do them ten min apart. I couldn’t even get 6 and we got awful times (430 and 440pm) but whatever. I can’t get Carthay Circle so I grabbed a super late lunch at 240pm at the Lounge. I was able to get Storyteller’s Cafe for just 20 min earlier than I wanted but nada on Oga’s

Also, I signed up and paid the $9/month for MouseDining if you want to go that route. Gave me some peace of mind I’ll get a text even if it’s at midnight and maybe I can get some more of what I want. I have never had this much trouble at DLR.

I still haven’t found anything in October at Oga’s, and I’m checking several times a day. I think they haven’t posted any openings yet. Same with Blue Bayou.

I think you’re right about ogas because I turned on mousedining before my 60 day window for one of my days. I think I may have missed out on Carthay Circle though. Maybe someone will cancel.

I got a ping at 5am today or 3am pacific time for plaza inn so ouch that’s a painful time to open up reservation for you west coasters. Luckily I was in light enough sleep to get one.

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I can finally give a happy update! MouseWatcher came through and notified me of Blue Bayou availability this afternoon! We have reservations for lunch on my son’s birthday, and I’m so thrilled.