Dining Reservations in May

I am planning a trip third week in May. I have been checking availability
at the dining places I want to go to for a party of 6. It is not looking good. Any help would be appreciated.

Sunday - Oga for mid morning party of 2
Savi for around 2 party of 2

Monday - Hollywood vine lunch or dinner
50’s Prime supper

Tuesday - Cinderella Castle lunch

Thursday -Chef Mickey for breakfast
Garden Grill evening but will take what I can get

My GS is 3 and I’m trying to get him as much character time as possible even if it is from a distance.

I wasn’t sure if any of the previous character Venus would be opening up soon.

I am a month away from booking but I have been looking. I have seen a 50s dinner at less than 60 days.

Make sure you’re searching by time, not using the meal options. For some reason this has been glitchy recently.

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I had difficulty with an ADR at Topolino’s breakfast (it’s a character meal now) at 60+5 where I could get a res for 4 at 7:30 and a res for 2 at 7:45 but not a res for 6. I think there are some places that don’t have “big” tables available right now because of social distancing. I booked the table for 4, then called the reservation line when it opened 45 minutes later and they were able to add an additional table for 2 at the exact same time. But even they weren’t able to book a 6-top. So my advice is book what you can if you’re not seeing space for 6 then call.

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Have you put any of these in the TP Reservation Finder? I’ve had great luck in the past with this tool!

Thanks. I was worried that my party size of 6 could be a problem.

I have never used it before but have put in the two that I think are going to be the hardest to get.

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I am happy to say that I got mostly all of my reservations. I could only get a 10 am Oga’s canteen. I am still trying to get it for a little later. I was hoping to do MF before going to Oga’s. I also only got 3 of my party of 6 in at 50’s but that is okay. My hubby and myself are going to leave early to give GS a nap.

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