Dining Reservations for 6/1-6/8 - Reasonable Plan?

We are a party of 6 - me, my husband, son (7), daughter (5) and parents (active in their 60’s) - with the DDP on our first trip with kids (the adults have been before but not since 2006). Our ADR day is quickly approaching (Monday!) and I think I have finally taken everyone’s requests into account and figured out a plan. I’d love some feedback - I know some of the restaurants (i.e. Rainforest and Tony’s) aren’t considered the best but my son hasn’t asked for much and he really wants those.

Sunday – Magic Kingdom (6) – PPO BOG breakfast ADR @8
Lunch ADR Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade Dining Package @12

Monday – Epcot (6) – PPO Akershus breakfast ADR @8 Teppan Edo Dinner ADR @5

Tuesday –Hollywood Studios (4) – no ADR

Wednesday – Break Day – breakfast Trattoria Al Forno ADR @11:45

Thursday – Animal Kingdom (6) – Rainforest Café lunch ADR @12

Friday – Magic Kingdom (6) – CRT breakfast ADR @9 - just for the girls

Saturday – O’hana breakfast ADR @10 (this one will be a party of 10 - friends from the area will join us)

I’m planning to be online at 6 am on Monday. I’m thinking the PPO BOG and PPO Akershus along with CRT and Trattoria are the ones I really need to worry about getting first. Is that right?


My ADR day was yesterday…staying 5/28-6/4. I actually got the opposite as you with Akershus PPO on Sunday and BOG PPO on Monday and I had no trouble. There are actually still some available I just checked so you should be fine! Let me know if you want me to check anything else…I can see up through June 4. Good luck!

Ooh! Thank you so much! That is good news. Was the availability for a party of 6?

O’hana Breakfast is rather hard to get, too, but you shouldn’t have a problem on ADR day.

Ours is for a party of 5, but I also added a second reservation for a party of 4 to our BOG for a family joining us that day and had no trouble. I just went in to MDE and checked for reservations for a party of 6…saw 8:00, 8:15, 8:30 and 8:45 for BOG on Sunday, and 8:00, 8:15, 8:30 for Akershus Monday. So you should be fine! Little tip: when searching for times, don’t hit the “breakfast” button because that seems to only show times after 9:00. Instead hit the actual time buttons like 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 and it will give you times right around then. At least that’s what happened to me!

Thank you so much - that eases my mind a lot! Those are the two I’ll grab first. Then I’m thinking I’ll go for CRT, Trattoria Al Forno and Ohana. I’m a little worried about O’hana just because we will be a party of 10 but I’m hoping since that will be 180+7 it won’t be a problem. Fingers crossed!

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Just want you to know that tomorrow is my ADR day also (we will be there 6/1 - 6/13) and I will be at my computer at 6am (that’s 2am Alaska time - good thing I’m up late most nights :smile:). So when you want to share your success at getting all of your ADRs I will be “listening”.


Hope you were successful this morning, too?! I had to set my alarm to be up at 4:30! But I did it - got everything I wanted! Hoping to change the Ohana time a little later but we may be stuck at 8:55 (we were hoping for 10 since our friends are coming in from the coast). Overall, though, I’m really happy! Snagged an 8:00 PPO at BOG and 8:05 PPO at Akershus :smile: Now to figure out if we can make those using Disney transportation from POP…

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Awesome I’m happy for you! My husband and I stayed at Pop in October and we got to each park before or by 8:00 to rope drop each time. We never had any trouble or long wait for a bus! Good luck!

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I had a pretty successful morning too. Got everything I wanted, in the time frame I wanted. No PPO meals for us. :joy: The earliest ADR I have is 9:00am and it will be hard to get my family moving in time to get there. I still need to check back for the Desert Party I want and a ROL package but I think I am good. Now I have to start working on my TPs.