Dining Reservations Broken

Anyone else having trouble booking dining reservations today? I click on the time and it just give me an error. Doesn’t matter what day or restaurant?

Anyone able to test for me so I know whether its a me problem or a Disney problem? Cheers!

I was able to get a time up on a random date in May for Garden Grill.

When and what are you trying to book for?

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Yeah, I can get the time up, just get the error message once I click on the time.

Was trying to book Fantasmic dining package at Mama Melrose at 4:05pm on April 1st. Also tried a bunch of other restaurants for same day, and then a couple of others at Disney Springs on 15th April. Same problem every time

I was having all kinds of trouble with the app last night but checking just now was able to find times no problem.

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If you click on a time, what happens?

Went to confirmation page. No issue

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Bugger. Looks like its a problem with my account, guess I’m phoning up disney then.

Thanks for checking folks!

Odd, worked through the app on my phone, just not on the website on phone or PC.

Oh well, got it now and that should be the last change I need to make so problem solved!

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Nothing to add here about your problem, but just wondering if your screen name is a Discworld reference or a Zelda reference…

It’s discworld. Is there a Zelda link there too? Never got into Zelda but shall have to ask the sprog.

Edit: just googled, so there is! I wonder if the Zelda one is a reference to the discworld one?

I was having trouble with it yesterday. I assumed it was an app problem and never got around to checking it out in desktop.