Dining reservations and Disney Magical Express

On our last day our party has reservations for lunch at Crystal Palace at 1:00pm. Our flights leave MCO at 6:40pm. Will we be able to have lunch and make it out of Magic Kingdom back to Art of Animation to catch the Disney Magical Express in time?

I used to always eat at CP for lunch on my last day and I stopped because it became too stressful. You will have to be back at AoA before 3:30. I assume you will check at least a carry on and stop at bell services first? You would have to be walking out of MK by 2:30 or so?

Let me tell you about the last time we did this: We got to CP and we were behind a tour group that was being seated. We got seated about 20 minutes after our ADR. The lines at the buffet were very long. When we finished eating we went to the bus stop. We saw a bus pulling away. Twenty-five minutes later another bus pulled up. It was a shift change- so the new driver had to do an inspection. Due to some needs, it took a while to load the bus. We were at POR. The bus does the back stops first. We got off the first stop and ran. I will never do that again. I was very grateful for the DME driver that stopped and waited while I went to bell services.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I figure it will be a tight squeeze. Will try and see if I can get an ADR around 12:30 or 12:00 instead. Thanks!