Dining Reservations 6/1-6/12

I do dining reservation in a month and even though I have done it a few times I am freaking out for some reason. We have two rooms one from 6/1-6/12 2 adults and 1 under 3 with the disney dining plan and one from 6/1-6/7 2 adults without. My husband is super picky so I had to pick place he will actually eat at and my son is under 3 so he can eat as much or as little as he wants at the buffets and family style places for free. We are also letting the second room use some of our credits at the higher priced places. I put who is going to the reservation after the credits for the first half of the trip.

June 1
Arrival Day
Flight Lands at 4:10 pm
Dinner-Sanaa 7:30 pm(OP) 3 Adults

June 2
Magic Kingdom
Breakfast-BOG 9:15am (4 QS Credits) All
Dinner-1900 Park Faire 5:45 pm (4 credits) All

June 3
Breakfast-Bon Voyage Breakfast 7:30 am(2 Credits) All
Dinner-Teppan Edo 5:00 pm (1 Credit) 3 Adults

June 4
Animal Kingdom

June 5
Hollywood Studios
Lunch-Mama Melrose Fantasmic Package 11:45 am (2 Credits) All

June 6
Magic Kingdom
Lunch-Crystal Palace 12:50 pm (4 Credits) All

June 7
Rest day
Keys to the Kingdom tour 9 am 3 Adults
2nd room leaves Flight is at 8:40 pm

June 8
Magic Kingdom
Breakfast-Chef Mickeys 10 am (2 Credits)
Dinner-Plaza 5:30 pm(1 Credit)

June 9
Animal Kingdom
Wild Africa Trek 10:15 am Just Me
Dinner-Pizzafari 6:20 pm (2 QS credits)

June 10
Breakfast-Akershus 10 am (2 Credits)

June 11
Hollywood Studios
Breakfast-Ohana 11:30 am (2 Credits)
Dinner-50’s Prime Time 6:00 pm (2 Credits)

June 12
Departure Day

I think your plan looks good. The only part that gives me concern is the Ohana on arrival day. So much can delay arrival time that it may not be enough of a cushion.

It’s Sanaa on arrival day not ohana and it’s more then three hours after the flight lands and everyone says don’t plan anything till at least three hours. We also plan on ubering from POP to AKL