Dining reservation

I made a dining reservation at 50’s primetime café for 4 people. However, we will also have a baby with us that will use a high chair. For all my other dining reservations I put down 5 people to include the baby. But for this restaurant I could not get a time for 5 people. Will it be a problem if I make a reservation for 4 people and then have 2 adults 2 children and an 18 month old baby that we can squeeze in with a high chair? Has anyone done this before?

Also, I am aware that if I call and ask Disney they will say that it can’t be done. And I realize it is not the ideal situation, but since he will not be using a chair the crowding won’t bother us. We often sit at a 4 person table when we go out to eat at home. I am mostly just looking to see if anyone has experience doing this at Disney World or 50’s prime time in particular.

It won’t be an issue. DIS is relatively flexible when it comes to numbers and I’ve heard lots of stories of folks squeezing in multiple extra guests.

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