Dining reservation when park hopping

Good morning

We are travelling on 1st May and have all our park reservations. However, on a Hollywood Studios day, we would like to dine in Skippers Canteen in Magic Kingdom in the evening.

Dining info states that you need a park reservation for the park where you are booking dining. Has anyone booked dining in their second park of the day? I’m nervous that if MK reaches capacity we won’t be allowed in. Thanks for any advice.

This far MK has only closed to hopping for a few hours on Oct 1, 2021.

You should be fine, but you are correct that if the park is closed to hopping you would have to wait in a line to be admitted as people leave or until they reopen to hopping.

The chances of it closing to hoppers are incredibly tiny. Just book it, you’ll be fine.

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Thanks, we’ll go ahead and book it. :blush:


And even when a park was closed to park hopping, didn’t those with an ADR get priority to get in?

That has only happened once. Those wanting to hop to MK just lined up and waited for people to start leaving the park.

Pre-Covid there were phased closures but park reservations have rendered that unnecessary.