Dining reservation vs plan

Hello everyone!

I made diner reservations a couple of months ago for Sci-fi diner. Since it is very popular, I was able to snag a reservation at 5:15 pm. I just made my plan using a pre made tweens one. Since we will be visiting in august, we will try to take long breaks and/or go to water parks to cool off.

Since then, I have made my resort reservation at the Pop, with the free quick diner offer.

Here is my question: since the Sci-fi is a table diner, is it really worth it? should I come back to HS earlier to eat diner there or should I cancel it?

Hmm that is a tough one. I have never eaten at SciFi but it is on my short list and am planning to eat there on our next trip. I have read that it is a nice dark, cool break from the heat and I would think would be perfect for teens. Are you planning on any other TS meals? If you are wanting to do one or two to break up the QS then maybe make a list and see if SciFi is at the top? It does seem to get mixed reviews but what tween wouldn’t think milkshakes and burgers for dinner sitting in car at a drive in theater during the day isn’t the coolest?!

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I’ve eaten there and it is really nice and cool and dark. Suggestion- why not do QS keep the ADR and have a break of milkshakes? Keeps the price down and allows for a nice rest with fun ambiance? Their sandwiches and burgers are great though if you decide to keep it. I just hated not being able to see my food. I’m weird that way. But milkshakes, especially their cookies and cream, was delicious!


I have canceled a few TS ADRs I’ve made for my upcoming August trip because I was able to get the FD QS package. We are still keeping 5 (14 day trip). We went through and really looked at what we wanted to keep. If you are planning to go back to HS, I would keep it. I might be looking to find availability for a little later if you didn’t want to rush back to HS.

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“Worth it” questions are impossible to answer because it’s really such a subjective call. For me any TS is worth it so I don’t have to eat QS - especially for dinner. FWIW, Sci-fi comes in behind HBD, 50s, and MM for me. It’s a fun concept and I was glad I did it once, but I like the food at the other three locations better. But as I said, it’s all very subjective…

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