Dining reservation on night of Christmas party?

My apologies if this has been asked and I just couldn’t find it. I went to the PlanDisney site and saw two different answers provided to this question. If I am visiting Magic Kingdom on the day of a Christmas party, but do not plan to attend the Christmas party, how late of a dining reservation can I make? If the park closes for the party at 7, could I make a 6:30 or 6:45 dinner reservation or do I have to be finished eating and out of the park by 7?

Thanks so much!

You don’t have to be finished eating by the time the party starts but you will be escorted out of the park when you finish. If you don’t have a party ticket, you won’t be able to make an ADR after a certain time.

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Thank you!

I think 6pm is the latest dining reservation for non party guests. You will be fairly firmly directed to the park exit when you are done.



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Ok not quite that firmly :rofl:


So I just snagged a 6:20pm skipper canteen reservation on a party day, and I’m not attending the party. Park hours listed as 9-6p Friday Nov 11. Should I be ok to hang around near the restaurant without risk of being escorted out?

I have a skipper canteen lunch ADR that day, but if we can play all day and sit down for dinner that evening, I think it could be better.