Dining reservation before park opening

If I have a 8:30 reservation for Tusker House on a day without EMH. When will I be able to enter the park? Is it possible to arrive early and perhaps be seated at 8? It would be great to be able to have a good breakfast but still be able to start touring the park around 9 :slight_smile: Is this practical or wishful thinking?

You will be able to get in and park your car at AK for sure at like 7:30am-8am. The restaurant generally opens for business at 8am but whether they will be able to seat you is a different matter, if there are tables/reservations spare then you should be fine but of course priority is going to go to those with a reservation AT 8am


The parking lot will definitely be open early.

We had an 8:25 am reservation at Tusker House on our last visit. Park Opened at 9am, no EMH. We got there late, at about 8:45. There was the line for bag checks, and to magic band in.

Everyone was allowed to make it as far as Discovery Island, just in front of the tree, and there WILL be a mass of people waiting for the park to officially open. BUT KEEP to the FAR LEFT!!!

Near Island Mercantile (Or was it Pizzafari??), where the “rope” ends on the left… there will be a person holding a small, hand written sign for Tusker who will verify your reservation and let you pass if all members of your party are there with you.

I don’t know how early they will let you pass to go to Tusker. As I said, we got there later than our reservation time.

Why not just go for it? Guessing DIS assumes most will not finish their meals by 8:30 and therefore there will be tables. The 30 min lag is probably more about spreading out the crowds than clearing tables. Worst case, you have to hang out at the entrance for a bit. Also, consider using TP’s Res Finder for an 8am cancellation

Great ideas!