Dining Reservation and FPP frustration!

Y’all! I have been trying for 2 weeks to get FPP for the rides we want at or around the times we want to no avail. It is beyond ridiculous. On top of that, I have yet to score Be Our Guest or any other restaurant that we have wanted. I’m still over 50 days till we arrive. Ugh. Any suggestions?

Have you tried the touring plans dining reservation finder? It might be helpful to you. It worked for me with a couple of tricky reservations.


If it doesn’t work out, check for reservations a few days before or even the day of as some spots will open up at the last minute.

I’ve also seen people advertise for reservations they are looking for.

I don’t have any decent ideas for the FP unfortunately.


I will give the reservation finder a shot! Thanks.

Dining reservations can be gone 180 prior for onsite guests. I missed that window by 1 week and cant get Be Our Guest.

FP+ I just took what I could as onsite guests get 30 days earlier for their choices.

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The Disney reservation system will update all reservations at night, therefore the best time is to call EARLY in the morning as soon as they open for cancellations. People will cancel the closer you get however you should reserve a backup restaurant in case.

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I forgot to add this tip.

If you have a larger party (i.e. party of 4). Do not be discouraged if there is a reservation for 2…take it but keep calling. Once you get another reservation for 2 (which is easier to come by) you can combine the reservations and now have a reservation for 4.

Stick with it…I feel your pain…I had to do this for CRT


Be ready to pounce when you get an alert! It might come at 3am! Also, if you get an alert for a time close to what you’d like - grab it, and then set up another search for the perfect time. People cancel all the time. You have to be ready to pounce. Hope it works out. LOVE the res finder!


Ugh. I will ALWAYS have a party of 5. I bet that’s my biggest issue with FPP too. Thanks for the tip.

It’s ok to make a reservation for 6 or even 8 if you find one. Every once in a while, even numbers pop up when a search for an odd number didn’t. This is especially true for parties of one! They won’t charge you if you have fewer people, as long as at least one person shows up.

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Agreed. I found a Chef Mickey’s for 4 when the search 2 seconds early said nothing for a party of 2. I took it and then modified the number down. I have heard that as long as 1 person shows up, you will not be charged as a no show.


WOW! Ok. I’ll try for parties of 6 or 8. Thanks y’all!

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That’s a really good point bc the res finder found a lot of my reservations, but it was in my inbox when I woke up and it was gone by then. Def. check your inbox the latest you can before going to bed! Or earliest you can in the morning.

Send the notification as a text message to your phone instead.

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How do you do that? Every time I have made a reservation it asks me to identify from my list of friends and family who the people are that make up the party. Do you just add some people to your list who aren’t actually going and assign them to the reservation? We have a group of 5 and I would like to look to see if one reservation we haven’t gotten yet might be available if I check under 6.

It should just list the others as guests.

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Yes, you can skip that part. It will be listed with your name and a number of unnamed guests.

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It took several days but I managed to get AK KS FP moved from 12 noon to 9:55 am our preference as we haven’t experienced it in the morning. Keep checking. People change their plans all the time!

LOVE the restaurant notification feature!! Still waiting to try to get into Ohanas for dinner on 4/6 (did get 1 notification, but for 9:30 p.m.!), but it helped me get lunch at BOG less than a day after I set it up!!

I know! Its the most wonderful thing, isn’t it? I was able to score dinner reservations at 'Ohana’s and Be Our Guest using that neat tool.

How long did it take, do you think? I’m only on day 3 and still 53 days till Disney. Is there a method to it?