Dining res question leading reservations help

Question regarding making dining reservations - I just made a res in order to secure dining because I have a split stay. I booked all stars beginning June 17 through my trip but it will only allow me to book one day (June 24). My actual trip is June 23-July 4. Should I have booked something different? Help! I know leading reservations are controversial, but with a split stay I am locked out of second half of my trip …how should I fix this

When does your leading reservation end? It has to end at the same time as your “real” trip.

My real trip ends June 3. Last date I need a dining res is June 2. Should I modify to june3, and will it allow me to book full stay then? I hate doing this, but the split stay really made me worry. All of my most difficult res just happens to be during second stay. Can I modify online?

Sorry I’m in a bit of a panic.

Your dates seem to be mixed up, you said your trip was June 23rd to July 4th?

Anyway, remember you can only book ADRs fro length of stay up to 10 days. Sounds like your leading reservation is too long to all days of your actual reservation.

I’m not sure if you’re wanting one reservation covering the whole of your stay, so you can book all ADRs at once.

Or whether you want a leading reservation to get you a head start for the early days of your trip, but in your case that has meant it doesn’t cover the whole of your stay. However, you will be able to book ADRs on a rolling day basis going forward so maybe that will help. ;

Sorry I was so flustered I’m not making sense. My trip dates are June 22-July 3, I don’t need dining the last day. I want to just book all the dates of my trip in one go, and I have a few ds already booked. So for dining purposes, I’m trying to book June 24-July 2. I thought a leading reservation would allow me the full ten days, why is it only a rolling thing? I hope I’m making sense! Shouldn’t my all star res allow me 60 plus ten?

Yes it will. But after day 10 you can book day 11 a day later etc.

You said you made a reservation from June 17th, and we’re on April 18th today. So you can book for 10 days starting on June 17th, which takes you up to June 26th.

Tomorrow you can book June 27th and so on.

That makes sense. But i was unable to book past June 25. Maybe my reservation just hasn’t gone through fully. Thank you, even if I go day by day, it will be a lot sooner than waiting for my split stay res date! Thanks for clarifying.

When does your leading reservation end? It’s only length of stay or 10 days, whichever is the shortest. And you won’t get the rolling window after the reservation ends.

I prefer the day by day because you’re doing it far enough out you just do it when you wake up and you don’t have to get up at 5am or worry about losing something because you’re doing so much at once. I did mine day by day and it was a couple of minutes when I woke up on my own for work or cuz my dogs were hungry on the weekends. Very peaceful and I got everything I’ve wanted.

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Yes I think it’ll be fine. I modified it to end June 2, so day by day I’ll keep trying. There aren’t too many high demand res I’m looking for, just ogas. I think via Napoli has been tough to get as well. I would have been totally fine with my normal 60 day window, except that split stay was not bridged. Silly rule. Thanks all.

Even people waiting till the 60 day mark I’ve seen can’t get reservations normally easy to get. I think Disney might be upping the people in the parks before they’ve upped the restaurant capacity maybe? Maybe more are about to get open. :crossed_fingers:


Bumping this because I’ve never done a split stay and have a question.
Split stay at LM at AOA aug 16-19 then moving to cars suite 19-24.
Will I be able to book all those dates at 60 days?

No. You’ll have two different dates when your dining opens up for each reservation.

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Damn that’s what I though. Bummer.