Dining recs for MK days

I officially booked my spring 2019 trip so I’m starting to flush out number of park days, which parks on which days, and thinking about where we want to eat, because only 85 days until ADR day :crazy_face:

Specifically, I’m having a hard time coming up with a plan for dinner on our two MK days. DH and I and 4 kids 8-16 at trip time. Tentatively doing MK on day 3 and day 8 of our 9-day trip. Likely will split DDDP for one room between all of us.

*MK day 1 (day 3 of trip/2nd park day)-RD, QS lunch (PB? PVH?), and stay in park until late afternoon/early dinner (early night at resort b/c 7 am RD at AK next day) Where to eat dinner?

*MK day 2 (last full day/day 8/park day 7)–RD EMH, QS lunch (BOG? CHH?), some may head to resort to swim in afternoon, some will stay and play Sorcerers. Not sure where to eat dinner? Also Considering HEA dessert party that evening as well but not convinced b/c of price for 6. Regardless we will stay (or return) to close down park (current close at 11).

Considering CM, CRT, CG, Ohana? I’ve been to all of those before but would happily return. Where else should I look? What are your faves for MK day? Park or monorail resort or easy transportation required. I think we are going to do 1900 PF for brunch on departure morning. While food quality is important, I like theming and unique experiences more than say a delicious steak in a random hotel lobby restaurant that could be anywhere.

We really liked Ohana for dinner. Haven’t been to any of the others. Your QS choices all look good. We have enjoyed PB and CHH on previous trips and are doing BOG for lunch in August.

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I’m at the same stage of planning, all I can help with is we thought Ohana was great. How about Wilderness Lodge, a liner friend has just recomended Geyser Point to me, it’s counter service and they have entertainment in the evening. As you are splitting your DDP over 6 people I probably wouldn’t do ant 2TS credit meals. I think we will do CRT because we’ve never been there and the next time we visit my girls will probably have completily out grown princesses. I’m interested in skippers canteen, but I think it will have to wait until another trip.

Thanks for the idea–I will definitely check out geyser point. I’ve never been to WL. We are splitting the deluxe plan for 4 across 6 people so tons of meal credits so 2 credit meals are an option. Skippers canteen is intriguing. Have you found good reviews? I’ve never seen it recommended or not recommended–it seems to be largely ignored or maybe I’m just reading the wrong posts.

I have started looking at monorail resorts for our meals before or after MK. We did 1900 Park Faire for dinner and we had a great time and the food was great. Ohana breakfast and dinner were just meh. Next trip we were looking at the possibility of Kona, the Grand Floridian Cafe or the Wave.

Know that 1900 PF is very different for breakfast and dinner (although they share the same location and both have Strawberry Soup!).

Breakfast has Mary Poppins, Alice, Mad Hatter, Tigger, & Pooh.

Dinner has Cindy, Prince Charming, and all three Evil Step-family members.

I wouldn’t discount one because you are doing the other. (We love both)

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Not sure how I missed that the characters were different. How is the dinner buffet there? Good food?

DH and I really enjoyed Skippers Canteen. I’m trying to figure if I can fit it in on our upcoming trip.

We haven’t been in a while, but are doing breakfast during our visit next month. We have enjoyed both meals over the years.

Dd is turning 17 and chose it for the morning of her birthday…we are having dinner later that night at BOG and topping off the night w/ DAH.

Did I mention the Strawberry Soup?

How about Hoop de Doo? There’s shows at around 4 and 6, which would be fine for an earlyish dinner. If you’ve never done it before, I would recommend it.

I also like The Wave for a much quieter dinner!

We have Trails End planned for one of our MK days for dinner. We haven’t eaten there yet, but it gets good reviews.

I’m considering Geyser Point for our trip in January. Any first hand comments out there? We did Citrico’s as a nice night out last time (yum!) and also did breakfast st Kona - also yum!