Dining Recommendations Needed


I’m going to Universal for four days in September, and I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to eat. I’m not doing the dining plan since the choices are so limited, but I can’t really figure out where I want to eat dinner. (I’m open to any resort, park, or CityWalk.)

I’m a huge HP fan, so breakfast and lunch will most likely be Three Broomsticks or Leaky Cauldron for all days. But if there are good counter service places outside of the HP parts I’d hate to miss them.

I’ve read the reviews here and on Trip Advisor, but I thought maybe you all could give me some better guidance.


Yes, I agree with your choices to stick with the HP food. The other QS in the parks that I would recommend is Fast Food Boulevard in the Simpsons-themed area. I have heard very positive things about Mythos, but did not try it. For City Walk, I really loved Emeril’s for a nice sit-down treat. I have also heard good things about Cow Fish, and that’s on my agenda for next time.

Mythos was my lunch last year. I highly recommend! My DBF and I split a pad Thai and a meal size Caesar salad. Very reasonably priced too, including drinks I think it was barely $35 so not much more than a quick service.

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Tchoup chop! At the royal pacific is delicious!


Are you staying onsite? All the hotels offer a good variety depending on tastes. Cowfish gets a lot of love as does food at hotel pools.

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I have to admit to not being very keen on Universal’s in park quick service offerings outside of the Harry Potter areas.

Agree with @mALYficent - Mythos is nice and only a few dollars more than a quick service meal.

Also agree with @mumcalsop about the food available at the resort pools. One of our best lunches was at the pool bar at the Portofino bay - just cheeseburgers, but they were really good and service was great. Again only a few dollars more than quick service and well worth it.

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3 broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron were great for b’fast. We were walk ups and had no issues. We got there closer to when the early admission hour was over for on-site guests (which we were). 3 Broomsticks I think opened later than Leaky Cauldron, so find out the hours for your days.

Tschoup chop was AMAZING. expensive but worth it.

ETA: Bula Bar at the Royal Pacific was GREAT! We probably could have eaten there for lunch and dinner and not been sorry.

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So I’m staying at Cabana Bay, and the hotel restaurants didn’t look great. I do love a good burger, @Ellen1976, so I might hit Portofino just for that.

And I was actually thinking of trying Mythos because it’s one of the only ones in the parks with good reviews. So I’ll definitely make sure it’s on the list.

@DarthDopey, I didn’t even look at Bula Bar. But I’ll check it out!

I wasn’t really thinking of Tchoup Chop, but I guess I have to reconsider…I think I’m just put off because I find Emeril so annoying, but it’s not like he’s going to be at the table with me, lol.


I’ll second the pool bar food at Portofino. I had a chicken salad and it was amazing.
Over the days we were there we also had the Nachos, and the dips/bread and they were great too. Very generous servings and reasonably priced.
Kids had the burgers and loved them also.

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uploading some food pics for you :smile:

Nachos Portofino Pool Bar (sorry bit of a dark pic, but they were delicious, and huge!)

Chicken Salad Portofino Pool Bar (nice light tangy dressing) delicious! (and massive. I did however manage to eat every last bite…)

Dips and bread from the Portofino pool bar. A bit light on the bread. We had some of our own crackers in the room, so used those as well as there was plenty of dip left.

"take a bao’ pork buns from Tchoup Chop = amazing

Crispy shrimp - Tchoup Chop

steamed pork dumplings Tchoup Chop

Baked salmon in paper Tchoup Chop - best salmon I’ve eaten ever.

Hawaiian Style Malasadas Donuts - Tchoup Chop


Wow!! That all looks amazing!!

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Totally hear you on finding him annoying - I had to get past that as well. But I really loved the food at Emeril’s and Tchoup Chop looks even more amazing based on @Quattro’s awesome pictures!

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Wow! Thank you for the pictures!

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Read this page for our UOR dining overview:

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Thank you! This is so helpful for my planning!