Dining questions

A couple of dining questions.

  1. Can you request spare plates at CS, we are a family of 6 and on the DP so hoping to get 3 meals and split on the occasion.

  2. Can you also still order a double cheese burger and buy an extra bun so you can make two meals.

thanks Guys

I think you could split meals without a problem, though I have no experience asking for extra plates. I did have to ask for an extra bun once when DS accidentally left his top bun at the toppings bar at Cosmic Rays, and a cast member threw it away. They acted like I was a little crazy. I suspect they are NOT prepared to sell naked buns.

Extra plates would be fine. I often regularly use napkins as plates for my kids too.

No you can’t cheaply get an extra bun. The last time I asked was a few years ago, before they changed from double beef patty burgers to 1/3 pound angus(single patty) burgers. It was $2.89 for the bun.

And yes, you can order as many or as few QS meals as you like, you don’t have to order kids meals at QS places. But my family is not able to share meals at Qs places, we eat normally and have never found them to be large enough to share. Do you have lots of little kids who don’t eat much?

we will be taking 4 with us, 12, 8 , 7 and 7. the youngest and the eldest eat well, but the two middle ones can easily split a meal. the other thing is if we are at cosmic rays they have a fixings bar so we can eek it out a little with extra’s. Basically its me being cheap and hoping to making the free dining go a little further with sharing some meals. lol

Never a bad idea to try to save money at Disney . My family doesn’t snack much in the parks so we actually want our food when we sit down. :slight_smile: