Dining questions about booking

I feel like I read somewhere that my husband can create his own account linked to our reservation and then we can each log in to book dining at the same time. Can anyone confirm this?

Yes you can. DH and I did last May for our Nov trip.

So how exactly did you set up an account for your DH?

Just used one of his email addresses, I think. Then did Disney’s version of friending each other, although that’s not necessary to make ADRs. We usually have to use his Chrome login to get MDE to stop logging in automatically as me. Sorry to be vague, we initially did this to reserve 2 rooms (family of 6) so we did it over a year ago. Memory’s a bit fuzzy on the details. Are you having trouble making it work or asking in advance of trying?

I made him an account and tried to link the reservation and it said it was already linked to another account

He can make dining reservations one day at a time at day 180.

To be fair, me and the Mrs. just both logged in under the same account on different computers and were able to make dining and FP+ bookings that way with both of us working at once.

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Didn’t know you could be logged into the same account on 2 computers. Could you both be making reservations at the same time?


Mind you, we made sure to test it out by doing a “dry run” or two before our 180-day mark. :slight_smile: