Dining question, what’s currently open?

I tried to search but could not find anything complete. Is there anywhere that currently lists what places are currently open for dining? I know I can look individually, click on the place and it states whether is open or not yet, but was wondering if there is a complete list somewhere that I’m missing?

Also, have a solo trip planned, for work, the last week of August. Any suggestions for one lonely person to eat and great drinks alone?

Allears.net’s menus listing is pretty comprehensive – https://allears.net/dining/menu/

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Also, I haven’t been to WDW in years, so I cannot make reliable recommendations, but the people here seem to be very, very fond of Nomad Lounge in the AK. :smiley:


DFB maintains a list https://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2020/08/16/a-complete-list-of-what-restaurants-are-and-are-not-open-at-walt-disney-worlds-theme-parks-right-now/

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Oh that’s most definitely on my list. Been to AK and DW in general and think I have also just walked right on past there.
Thank you!

I travel solo a lot and can honestly say I’ve never felt awkward eating alone at any place in WDW. What types of cuisine are you interested in and maybe I can make a suggestion?

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The one meal I’m totally stuck on is the Tuesday I’m doing Boo Bash. Planning on RD HS that morning, praying for a BG. I’m staying at CSR and plan to head back there sometime in the afternoon for rest/shower before being at MK at 7pm. If I do a decent meal before rest, it could be at any resort around HS, bonus to take skyliner. Or I could wait until after and do something at a resort around MK. Any suggestions? Never have been to the boardwalk or any of the resorts in the HS/Epcot area. Been to all the resorts around MK.

If you didn’t want a full 5pm sit down meal you could always try Three Bridges at CSR which gets great reviews and is right at your resort. Another option is the quick service at the Riviera Resort called Primo Piatto. You could spend some time wandering the resort and checking our the murals. That also gives you a ride on the skyliner.

So many restaurants in the Boardwalk area are only open for dinner, but Ale & Compass is open all day and has good food and you can wander the boardwalk area before or after and catch a bus from any of those resorts to MK.

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