Dining Promo Card

For those of you that have the Dining Promo Card offer for this summer, when did you actually receive the card in your email? We leave in 9 days and I’ve already checked in the hotel, so I would guess it’s coming sometime soon, just wondering the timeframe.

We had it last year and got it on arrival day.

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Would love to hear your experiences with using the dining promo card. Anything useful you found out as well

Like, can you charge to the room then pay it off with the promo card like a regular gift card? Or can it only be used at time of ordering?

I know you can view the balance online on their gift card site as well, can you merge the value with another physical card?

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Well, I found my answer to the charging to the room question, and it looks like a no:

Still interested in hearing any experiences with using the card and any issues

No issues. You just get it scanned when you pay exactly like any other gift card. I saved it to my wallet so I didn’t have to keep searching through my emails for it. And you can use it for the tip, which I saw someone ask recently. And you can use it for mobile ordering too, save the card number as a note so you can copy and paste it easily.

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This promo card can be used for gratuity, right? I’m going to have $840 on the card for a trip next year but debating also getting the dining plan.

We like to relax with an adult beverage, so I think the promo card could be used to cover that and all tips. I would get very generous with the tipping if we’re not on pace to use it all. :laughing:

Three adults (well) over 21 and one child under 10. Maybe the right mix to make the dining plan worth it?

Edit: Thought of another question… can the promo card be used for fireworks packages?

If it works like a gift card, as @missoverexcited mentioned, then paying for gratuities is no problem. I paid for gratuities using a normal gift card without issue.

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You can definitely use it for tips. I don’t know about firework packages.

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Elisa with TP got back to me and said it cannot be used for the fireworks packages unfortunately.