Dining plans, ADR date soon

What do you think? Dates are 3/22-30 2019. Party is me, DH, DD(10th birthday celebration).
Friday-arrival, not sure what we are going to do, pool, maybe DS. I’m a vegan and I love the idea of getting Erin McKenna’s to snack on for the week!
Sat-HEA garden party, no dinner plans
Sun-Dinner at California Grill (Citricos would be a second choice)
Mon-Flying Fish, F! Dessert box (it’s not a party, but reserved seating? Anyone done this? Hoping to have time between dinner and F! To maybe meet Chewbacca)
Tues-lunch and mid day rest at Sanaa
Wed-PPO and lunch at BOG (cancel one when final park hours announced) Dinner at the new Snow White experience at WL
Thurs-R&C dinner
Fri-no plans, an open day
Sat-departure day, lunch at the Edison

Been thinking about getting DD a birthday cake. Either for CG or the Snow White. Suggestions? Ideas? Also, wondering about Castle Couture. Anyone had a chance to do this yet? Might also set up a mermaid makeover.
Does this look like too much?

I think you have solid plans. FYI, The Fantasmic Dessert Party isonly currently available through January. I expect it will be offered, but you may have to wait to book it. My only question would be California Grill. You are doing the HEA party the night before? For me, there are so many signatures with better food (Jiko and Tiffins to start). I don’t think you need the fireworks view so ai woukd go with the 2nd choice.

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We are staying at the Contemporary, so this is more like our fancy meal in/relaxing night. We probably won’t take advantage of the fireworks view. Although, we might change our minds. We’ve always enjoyed CG, but I have also thought about Citricos or Narcoossee’s? For us, CG sounds like a good fit. DD loves sushi, they have a vegan menu for me, and a fantastic wine list for DH.
We love Jiko and I’d like to try Tiffins, but with how the rest of our touring plan is working out, I don’t think either of those are in the cards this trip. Right now we only have one day at AK (no park hoppers), so we’re going to tour all day & take an afternoon break at Sanaa/AKL before heading back for more AK, including ROL.