Dining plan with DGD

OK, so on my semi-solo trip in May, my DD and her DH and DD will also be in the World. The plan is that one evening, I will take DGD while they have a date night. They are all staying on site, with a dining plan. I am staying off site. If I take DGD to dinner, can she use a TS from the dining plan while dining with me paying out of pocket? Mom and dad will also be using a TS at Rose and Crown that night, so they will have equal credits.

She can if she has charging privileges (and pin code) on her Magic Band. YHer parents would need to enable that at check-in and/or modify it before you go to dinner. You will just have separate checks and pay with her magic band for hers and you will pay oop for yours.

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Everyone automatically has charging privileges, you just need to make sure you know the pin.

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Awesome. I knew you smart people would know the answer! Thank you! :heart_eyes:

Depends how old the DGD is. Charging privileges are only enabled for children over a certain age. Not sure what. Also it’s possible her parents will have had them disabled, I know I did until they were about 14! (Until I trusted them not to go on a spending spree, or use up all the snack credits :grinning:).

So best to check with the parents. They can always ask for charging privileges to be enabled again.