Dining plan receipts/charges

I had originally planned to save all of my receipts from our February trip to compare what we actually “spent” using the dining plan and if we actually saved any money. Well, once I entered the bubble, I completely forgot about that plan!
Is there a way to pull up all purchases that I made on my dining plan?
I’m trying to figure out how much I would have spent had we not been on the dining plan.

I don’t believe so. I think you’d have to have done this at the concierge before you departed.

However, I wonder if you call the customer service line, if they’d be able to pull up the accounting from your stay.

hmmm… now I’m curious.

So even when you pay with your dining plan is shows the totals? Not just credits worth…

yes. on the receipts, you’ll see the totals,. taxes and suggested Tips.

then at the bottom it will show you how many dining credits are remaining on your plan after you pay.

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