Dining plan question

Asking for my brother - can a TS credit be used to order room service at the resort? He’s the only guy in our party and we want to leave him back at the hotel while we have a girl’s night! He’s not one to eat alone - besides - the Dolphins are playing on the night we have in mind - he’d be happy to stay in and watch!

I think that it’s a 2 credit option. Hopefully someone else will be able to confirm.

Yes and no. He can do it, but it would cost 2 TS credits. Here’s a link to the dining plan brochure - it’s on the last page.

Thanks for the quick responses! I love it here! Next question - if he ordered a meal at Boatwrights, could he take it back to his room? Just trying to cover all the options. Thanks!!

I believe so - but you would have to check. The QS (Riverside Mill) is right next door and pretty good as well.

OTOH, maybe he could order his TS from River Roost - the bar on the other side of Boatwrights - where YeeHa Bob plays. I bet they would have the Dolphins on the screen there.

No, you can’t order to go from a TS place.