Dining plan Q

First timers and have realised I have more TS meals booked than my dining plan allows. Can you just pay for a meal or do they know from your booking that you have a DP and deduct automatically. I basically don’t want to get to the end of credits and then have to pay for the more expensive character meals late in trip

You can just pay out of pocket, they won’t deduct any credits until the end of the meal when they scan your magic band, and then only what you tell them to deduct.

When you check in for your meal and again at the table they will ask if you have the dining plan. You can say you do not if you are paying cash or charging. If you are using your magic band tell them you do but you are not using a credit for that meal.

You can tell them you are paying out of pocket. Here is a site that will help you decide which of your meals you might want to do that for, keeping in mind that you’ll have to consider what you might order:


Thanks for posting this! I know I have booked more TS meals than I have credits, now I can check what’s best.

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Thank you for alll your replies, super helpful!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: