Dining plan prices increase?

Will prices in WDW be going up for the Dining plan? When do they usually go up? If i am already in a package, will it go up?

If you are in a package, you are locked in to your current price. So you won’t see an increase. Historically, the prices increase on the first of the year.

Thinking of upgrading to deluxe, but hoping for free dinjng for my dates next year… Not sure if I should lock in at this price. We are only staying value… Not sure what to do

I think I would upgrade now and then you have until 45 prior to the trip to make any changes to the reservation. Just my opinion!

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Even by going back down from deluxe to a regular? Just incase something comes up and we have to cut corners… Not that I think we will. I have already paid over $1500 to the bill

Everything is changeable up until that 45 day mark.