Dining Plan Foodie Trip Review 2024

After much discussion, charts, menu hunting, early morning bookings, and reservation finders, we decided to take the plunge and do the Dining Plan. Did we save money? Well yes and no…Yes because I booked the best dining for our buck and we ate the most expensive snacks at the Flower and Garden Festival. Would we have saved money without the plan? Probably…we would have ate less and chose cheaper options. Was it worth it? YES…Splurging was fun!

Ohana’s - first time for dinner. Loved it!


Our TS Dining Experiences
Ohana’s Dinner
Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic Package
Topolino’s Breakfast
Steakhouse 71 Dinner
Boma’s Dinner
Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd.
Chefs de France

Chefs de France was good value on the DP. Ask your server to explain the menu as there are options and exclusions on the plan. Don’t assume coffee is included.

QS meals
Polite Pig 2x
Flame Tree BBQ
Docking Bay 7
Woody’s Lunchbox Breakfast
Roaring Fork (Wilderness Lodge)
Pongu Pongu Breakfast

OOP meals
Nomads Lounge (Churros)
Space Lounge (appys & drinks)
Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Brunch
Whispering Canyon Light Breakfast
Sanaa Breakfast
Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar (stuffed pretzel, eggs, sliders)

Space Lounge appys & Dessert

Jock Lindsey’s -The Stuffed Pretzel was so yummy!

Chef Art Smith’s Brunch was lovely! We used a Mouse Dining to get last minute reservations here as well as Space Lounge and Topolino’s

Off Property
Bahama Breeze Happy Hour
Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews
Cracker Barrel

Milkshakes at Sickies were fantastic!

Things I found out…
-AK Pongu Pongu-Marshall’s Stuffed Pancake & Night Blossom non or alchoholic is a QS credit
-Roaring Fork (WL) had a massive Grizzly Paw (snack credit over $10)
-Sanaa for breakfast is still QS (We went there after we finished the DD but it would have been a great value on the plan)

Sanaa at AKL has always been one of our favourite breakfast spots!

-I was surprised by this but my favourite TS Dining experience was Hollywood and Vine. I loved this buffet and thought everything was very good quality. Characters were great and we really enjoyed sitting close to watch Fantasmic.

Pluto is my new BFF!

-Polite Pig was our favourite QS. It felt like a TS quality wise.

-Bahama Breeze is our favourite off property restaurant during Happy Hour. They have 1/2 price appys and cheap drinks.

Happy Hour at Bahama Breeze Great non-Disney prices!

Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival was our favourite place to eat and drink! Our favourite booth was Canada…not just because that’s our home but we enjoyed several items at his booth and especially the Chocolate Whisky Cake.

We loved meeting Moana too! She is hidden away by the Journey of Water Exhibit and I had to ask a Cast Member where to find her.

This was definitely one of our favourite trips!


My sister got this last December and it is massive. Several days massive, even sharing. :wink:

Thank you for your trip report. We were in the World at the same time but didn’t manage the heat as well as y’all did. :heart_eyes::star_struck:

We loafed a lot in the ac at our resort. :sunglasses: It was one of our favorite trips also. :grin:


When you say maasive I feel like it undersells just how big this thing is :rofl: I ordered it through mobile ordering and when DH took it out of the bag (it was boxed to go) he said, “did you order a brick for breakfast?!”


I see @janamelia had the same experience.

Thank you so much for the report! This looks like a lot of fun.


Just ask @LTinNC82

She took some with her. And we still had too much.


And all 3 of us ate some together as well. Definitely sounds like contender for best use of a snack credit.


And it is delicious.


Just here to say I love this foodie trio report. Everything looks amazing! We have a DS day and need to try Polite pig…but somehow my kids always drag me to Chicken Guy haha.


Yes, it took 3 of us more than 1 day to eat it!