Dining Plan Credits


I have a question about the Star Wars Fantasmic Package at Hollywood and Vine...can I use my dining plan credits for this and how many credits will it cost? Thanks! I make my ADRs tomorrow and couldn't find the answer anywhere.


I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question. I just wanted to say hi! I haven't seen you on the forum in a long time. Hope you're doing well. Good luck with your ADRs tomorrow!


Thanks @scrapper1617!!! Hi right back to you! Life has been crazy...new job and building a house. 💗😄👍


New job and building a house is stressful! You'll be ready for a Disney trip in the summer!


The Fantasmic Dining package is one credit unless you eat at HBD, then it's 2. We went to H&V and really enjoyed it.


Right....but I'm asking about the Star Wars Fantasmic package with the characters.


Sorry - I misread!


Pretty sure it was two earlier this year.


We have the same think booked phone cm said two dining credits for regular or F! Package.


Last year both of the Star Wars Character meals were 2 DPP credits, so if you can use the dining plan, then it's likely to be 2 credits this year.